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Blog Post | Aug 30, 2022

5 Tips for Producing Quality Content that Meets Customer Needs

The production of quality content is a balancing act between quality and quantity. Integrated marketers have a mandate to create a lot of it to maintain the information distribution pipeline but, obviously, bad content is counterproductive. So how do marketers reach an equilibrium between the two and create quality content at scale?

The Juice has pulled together five helpful tips for content creators facing these issues.

Know Your Audience: Creating high-quality content requires you to have a deep understanding of your audience’s needs, wants and pain points. Your content should match your buyers’ intent, so it’s helpful to know what they are asking about or looking for from your brand. Start by learning what matters most to them, what keeps them up at night and what solutions you offer that address their pain points.

To really know your audience, do your research. You want to create emotional connections that will drive engagement. The audience decides what it will read, when and where. Be prepared with the right content, at the right time and in the right place.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: There is always a desire for integrated marketers to create groundbreaking new content, but sometimes the best solution is to look at what you’ve already written and how best to repurpose it. Refresh existing content, reshare old posts that still drive traffic, interview an internal subject matter expert about a topic already addressed and publish the results in a video or article.

Need other ideas?
  • Pull talking points from your website and create new content using those
  • Generate new content using any news, events or trends impacting your audience
  • Break down previously created pieces into bite-size pieces that you can use in posts, tweets or videos

Perfect is the Enemy of the Good: Avoid struggles with perfectionism. Trying to wow the world with every content piece is exhausting and slows you down. Don’t let your inner editor hang you up when there are plenty of others who can review and provide constructive feedback once you write the content.

Per VeraContent, “There are certain fields that require perfection: aerospace engineering, neurosurgery, accounting … but content marketing isn’t one of them.”

As a content creator, you are trying to capture the attention of customers to increase engagement and traffic. Salesforce tells us that 75% of consumers expect a consistent experience wherever they engage with your brand, so you must provide consistent content. Many companies will continually aim for perfection with their content, but this misses the mark because sales rely on consumers to make purchases from your brand, meaning that they need to make sure they believe your business will benefit them. Your content’s main job is to show that your product or service benefits the consumer and that they can trust you—even if it’s not perfect.

Delegate (Where You Can): The content to-do list can be overwhelming, so do your best to work smarter. Ask for help where it makes sense so that you can spend your time on those things that will best appeal to your customers.

A copyblogger article offers this important reminder, “Don’t delegate to save time; delegate to spend more time on your high-value activities.”

If nobody within your business has the skills to help with content development, consider working with an outside agency or freelancer that understands your industry, your audience and their pain points. This support should be creative, trustworthy and credible because you are counting on them to convince and convert your prospects.

Use Your Creative Time Wisely: When do you work best? Are you a night owl? An early bird? Protect that time as your creative time when you can minimize distractions and be most productive. Some ways to effectively manage your time include:
  • Block out dedicated time on your public calendar where you will not allow any other work or meetings to sidetrack you
  • Commit a few mornings throughout your week dedicated to content development
  • Allow yourself time to daydream during which you let your mind wander and boost creativity
  • Step away from work altogether and reset your brain

Using this advice, you can increase content creation efficiencies and best determine how to juggle quality and quantity and satisfy your customers’ content needs. The two are not mutually exclusive, so make sure to put in the effort to strike the ideal balance.